Gender Equality Measures


“To establish equal opportunities for all scientists of SFB/TRR 186 to develop careers as principal investigators in academia irrespective of gender and other aspects of diversity”

The goal of our research consortium is to enable TRR 186 researchers at all levels to address the challenge of combining a career in academia with having a family. Furthermore, we aim at strengthening career options for female scientists as principal investigators . Beyond the institutional support regarding childcare, concierge services and other types of general support, TRR 186 helps scientists by the following specific measures:

  • To provide funds to parents for home office equipment to enable flexible working hours for TRR186 scientists
  • To support TRR186 scientists with children by providing funds for scientific aides (“HiWis”)
  • To assign funds for technicians or post-doctoral fellows for TRR186 scientists who became mothers during their PhD thesis or post-doctoral work
  • To co-finance a lecture series termed the “Gender Club” with invited guest speakers on career development and family

The following links will give you an overview of the measures available at the applying universities:

Gender Measures Heidelberg
Gender Measures Berlin