PD Dr. Carsten Schultz

PD Dr. Carsten Schultz

Oregon Health & Science University
Department of Chemical Physiology & Biochemistry
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd., L334
Portland, OR 97239, USA
Phone: +1 (503) 418-2096
Fax: +1 (503) 494-4352
E-mail: schulcar@ohsu.edu

Position and Status

Professor and Chair

Scholarships and awards

2013 - Metropolregion RN Innovation Price (jointly with E. Lemke)
2012 - Heidelberg Molecular Life Science Award (jointly with M. Brunner)
1993 - 1996 - Habilitation Fellowship of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

University training and degree

09/1986 - 06/1989 Ph.D. work at Fachbereich Biologie/Chemie, University of Bremen, supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernd Jastorff
10/1979 - 08/1986 Study of Chemistry at University of Bremen


Advanced academic qualifications

1997 Habilitation: Organic Chemistry, University of Bremen, Mentor: Prof. Dr. B. Jastorff
1989 Ph.D. degree in Chemistry, University of Bremen, supervised by Prof. Dr. Bernd Jastorff


Postgraduate professional career

08/2019 - Co-founder of Araxa Bioscience GmbH, Heidelberg, Germany
Since 09/2016 - Professor and Chair, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, OR, USA
Since 03/2015 - Associate Editor Chemical Science, Royal Society for Chemistry, Cambridge, UK
07/2008 - 09/2019 - Senior Scientist, EMBL Heidelberg
10/2001 - 09/2019 - Group leader at EMBL Heidelberg
08/2001 - Co-founder of SiChem GmbH, Bremen, Germany
04/2000 - 09/2001 - Group leader at Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Physiology in Dortmund (Dept. Prof. Dr. H. Waldmann)
05/1996 - 03/2000 - Researcher at Fachbereich Biologie/Chemie, Universität Bremen (Prof. Dr. B. Jastorff)
05/1993 - 04/1996 - Habilitation Fellow at Fachbereich Biologie/Chemie, Universität Bremen (Mentor Prof. Dr. B. Jastorff)
10/1992 - 04/1993 - Research Project Assistant with Prof. Dr. Roger Y. Tsien at the Dept. of Pharmacology, University of California, San Diego
02/1990 - 09/1992 - Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Dr. Roger Y. Tsien at the Dept. of Pharmacology, University of California, San Diego
07/1989 - 01/1990 - Researcher at Fachbereich Biologie/Chemie, Universität Bremen
09/1986 - 06/1989 - Doctoral Fellow with Prof. Dr. Bernd Jastorff at Fachbereich Biologie/Chemie, Universität Bremen

Author on over 180 publications including Science (2), Nature (5), Nature Chemical Biology (3+4), Nature Chemistry, Nature Commun (2), Nat. Methods, eLife (3), Sci. Signaling (2), Angewandte Chemie (15), J. Am. Chem. Soc. (4), Chem. Sci. (3), J. Clin. Invest. and 9 patents. Supervisor of 27 PhD students and 33 postdocs.

Editorial Board Member:

   1. ChemBioChem
   2. ACS Chemical Biology
   3. Chemistry & Biology
   4. Current Methods in Chemical Biology
   5. Chemical Science (Assoc. Editor)

Most important publications

  1. Laguerre, A., Hauke, S., Qiu, J., Kelly, M., Schultz, C. (2019) Photo-release of 2-arachidonoylglycerol in live cells. J. Am. Chem. Soc. In press. DOI:10.1021/jacs.9b05978

  2. Guerra, M., Frey, D., Hagner, M., Dittrich, S., Paulsen, M., Mall, M. A., Schultz, C. (2019) Cathepsin G activity as a marker for detecting airway inflammation by microscopy and flow cytometry. ACS Cent. Sci. 5:539-548. DOI: 10.1021/acscentsci.8b00933

  3. Hauke, S., Keutler, K., Phapale, P., Yushchenko, D., Schultz, C. (2018) Endogenous Fatty Acids are Essential Autocrine Signaling Factors of Pancreatic β-Cells and Insulin Secretion. Diabetes 67:1986-1998. DOI: 10.2337/db17-1215

  4. Walter*, A., Mueller, R., Wierda, K. D. B., Tawfik, B., Pinheiro, P. S., Nadler, A., Ziomkiewicz, I., Kruse, M., Reither, G., Rettig, J., Haucke, V., Hille, B., Schultz*, C., Soerensen*, J. (2017) Phosphatidylinositol 4,5- bisphosphate optical uncaging potentiates exocytosis, eLife 6:e30203. DOI: 10.7554/eLife.30203

  5. Höglinger, D., Nadler, A., Haberkant, P., Kirkpatrick, J., Schifferer, M., Stein, F., Hauke, S., Porter, F. D., Schultz, C. (2017) Trifunctional lipid probes for comprehensive studies of single lipid species in living cells. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 114:1566-1571.

  6. Ketel, K., Kraus, M., Nicot, A.-S., Puchkov, D., Wieffer, M., Mueller, R., Schultz, C., Laporte, J., Haucke, V. (2016) A phosphoinositide conversion mechanism for exit from endosomes. Nature 529:408-412.

  7. Nadler, A., Yushchenko, D., Müller, R., Stein, F., Feng, S., Carta, M., Mulle, C., Schultz, C. (2015) Exclusive photorelease of signalling lipids at the plasma membrane. Nat. Commun., 6:10056. doi: 10.1038/ncomms10056.

  8. Hu, H.-Y., Vats, D., Vizovisek, M., Kramer, L., Germanier, C., Wendt, K. U., Rudin, M., Turk, B., Plettenburg, O., Schultz, C. (2014) In vivo imaging of mouse tumors by a lipidated cathepsin S substrate. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53:7669-7673.

  9. Feng, S., Laketa, L., Stein, F., Rutkowska, A., MacNamara, A., Depner, S., Klingmueller, U., Saez- Rodriguez, J., Schultz, C. (2014) A rapidly reversible chemical dimerizer system to study lipid signalling in living cells. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 53, 6720–6723.

  10. Laketa, V., Zarbakhsh, S., Traynor-Kaplan, A., MacNamara, A., Subramanian, D., Putyrski, M., Mueller, R., Nadler, A., Mentel, M., Saez-Rodriguez, J., Pepperkok, R., Schultz, C. (2014) PIP3 induces the recycling of receptor tyrosine kinase. Sci. Signal. 7, ra5.